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Colours vol 2

United Colours of Circulation 2, Nov 2022
After making, I think, a pretty good job of blending a whole bunch of Circulation tunes together, I still had more than enough left over for another volume. Matt and Pete created some amazing music during the 1990s and early 2000s and I've come back to their material time and again. So here then another, slightly trancey, concoction from two true pioneers of techy house. Though they've not released anything new for 15 years, they've left a marvellous back catalogue ...
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Far and Away 2

Far and Away 2, Mar 2023
Another Volume Two of something I never expected would get a sequel. The original Far and Away came about because I had a whole bunch to slightly chill house tunes that I thought would make a good mix ... and I had a whole bunch of stuff left over. This volume is slightly less chill - fewer breathy femaie vocals, but still a cool-ish, relaxed collection to wind down to after a night out or as the background for a Sunday morning hangover. Enjoy it however you like ... but just be sure to enjoy it.
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