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Guerillas in the Mix 1, Jul 2022
Here's something a bit different ... a themed mix that focuses on a label. I did it once before with the House of Dada mix, but this time it's the prog house stylings of the mighty Guerilla label, masterminded and curated by musician/producer William Orbit. There is a tenuous connection between William and me ... my long-time friend and collaborator Steve Cook designed the camouflage sleeve for the Guerilla label and I remember once giving William a lift to a gig during the early 90s ... oh, and I got a shout-out in the credits for Bassomatic's "Set the Controls" album ... so there's that.
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Jazz in the House 5

Jazz in the House 5, Sep 2022
As promised ... here's the fifth volume of Jazz in the House, an amalgamation of cool jazzy improvs over four-to-the-floor beats. Dunno about you, but I just can't get enough of this stuff. Featured this time out - a sublime joint from Frederic Galliano, "Kanboufo", to open the collection. Blended into this tracks from Deep Swing, Brent Laurence, and the Harry Morse Project. What's Derrick May doing in here, you ask. Not known for his jazzy offerings, "Squaredancing" might surprise you. I had quite a few tunes left over, so watch for a sixth volume in this series sometime soon.
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