After leaving Marvel, artist Jack Kirby went straight to rival publisher Dc and was given a contract to produce new titles as Editor, Writer and Artist. He introduced his "Fourth World" concepts in the flagging title Jimmy Olsen. The ideas behind the Fouth World titles owed something to the work he'd done on Marvel's Thor title. The idea was that Gods co-existed alongside us and were engaged in titanic struggles with the forces of evil on our behalf. The concept spanned four titles: Jimmy Olsen, Forever People, New Gods and Mister Miracle. The villain of the piece, Darkseid (pronounced "Dark Side"), appeared in all four of the Fourth World titles.
Jimmy Olsen 133 (1971)

Kirby requested control DC's worst selling title on the grounds that he could at least do no harm, and publisher Carmine Infantino suggested Jimmy Olsen, which was on the point of being cancelled.
  Forever People 1 (1971)

Using the concepts he began in Jimmy Olsen, Kirby began to expand the idea into a line of titles, beginning with Forever People. But even from the get-go, it was apparent that Kirby's strength wasn't in writing dialogue.
  New Gods 1 (1971)

As embittered as Kirby became later in his life, he must have known, after the failure of his Fourth World books, that if he'd done it at Marvel with Stan Lee providing the dialogue, it would probably have been a resounding success.
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