In 1971, there was a strange coincidence. Marvel and DC published incredibly similar characters in the same month. Cover dated May 1971, DC's House of Secrets and Marvel's Savage Tales published oddly parallel stories. At least it seemed like a coincidence. But could it have had anything to do with the fact that Swamp Thing creator Len Wein and Man Thing creator Gerry Conway shared an apartment at the time? You be the judge. In 1975, Len Wein rose above such scurrilous rumours when he revamped Marvel's cancelled X-Men characters with a completely new look for the 1970s. The title soared to the top of the charts and has been there ever since.
House of Secrets 92 (1971)

Wein and Wrightson's short story in House of Secrets took on a life of its own and the Swamp Thing gained his own title a few months later. It's possible that this development filled Wein and Conway with alarm as their "joke" backfired on them.
  Savage Tales 1 (1971)

Over at Marvel, the success of Man Thing was longer in coming. Savage Tales was cancelled several times, but Man Thing appeared only in the first issue. Just as Gerry Conway was breathing a sigh of relief, Marvel gave Man Thing his own series in Adventure into Fear.
  Giant Size X-Men 1 (1975)

The basic premise of the new X-Men wasn't so different from the old. It's just that Wein and later Chris Claremont understood contemporary teenagers better than Stan Lee had and the revived series struck a chord with its largely teenaged audience.
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