With the failure of his Fourth World series at DC Comics, Jack Kirby really had no place else to go. In 1976, he returned to Marvel, salvaging some dignity by negotiating a deal in which he would again edit, write and draw. Elsewhere in the comic business, moves were afoot to break the grip of Marvel and DC. Two brothers, Jan and Dean Mullaney, struck a deal with seasoned pros Don McGregor and Paul Gulacy for an independent comic. With the pioneering work done for them in the late 1970s, Marvel entered the Graphic Novel marketplace in 1982 with The Death of Captain Marvel, written and drawn by maverick talent Jim Starlin.
The Eternals # 1 (1976)

Kirby's return to Marvel demonstrated that the great man had learned little from his foray at DC. Still editing, writing and drawning concepts that had failed at DC, Kirby bullishly tried to make a success of The Eternals but, bogged down with appalling dialogue, the series failed.
  Sabre Graphic Novel (1978)

Sabre had been conceived as a newspaper strip, but had failed to find a buyer. The creators reworked it into a long comic strip and, published by Eclipse Enterprises, it became the first of a new breed of comic, a Graphic Novel.
  Death of Captain Marvel (1982)

Though The Silver Surfer had appeared in a Graphic Novel in 1978, published by Fireside Books, Marvel's first Graphic Novel tied up the loose plot-lines from their cancelled Captain Marvel series.
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