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Bombay Mix vol 1

Bombay Mix vol 1, Oct 2005
This is a fistful of tunes we were listening to in India over the Christmas Holidays in 2004. Keep yer ears peeled for Beyonce, David Bowie and Stereo MCs, all in Indian stylee ... and there's also offerings from the likes of Mehsopuria and Asian Dub Foundation. This is the soundtrack for cruising Southall High Street, windows down, checking the rasmalaiiii ... innit!
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Deeper Underground vol 1

Deeper Underground vol 1, May 2006
Another catch-up mix CD. This is a collection of less-commercial house tunes that I've been buying over the last couple of years. Most commercial cut here is the housed version of Barry White's "Let the Music Play". I'm planning to mix a bunch of these in rapid succession as part of my plan to transfer all my vinyl to digital files.

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