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The staff associated with the magazine were also key to the modest success of Starburst. The first designer I worked with was Stewart Orr, who'd been assistant designer on Woman's Own at IPC. But Stewart moved quickly back into mainstream magazines and Spielberg fanatic Steve O'Leary took over as Art Editor. He was joined quickly by Rahid Khan and the two worked as a team on both Starburst and Doctor Who Monthly.
Where Stewart had been a mainstream magazine art editor, Steve and Rahid were - and probably still are - film fans and comic fans. Their love of the subject matter showed in their work and we'd often work hours into the evening - if we weren't at screenings - just getting pages out the door that looked decent.
Even so, with a staff of three, two monthly magazines was a bit of a stretch and after a couple of years struggling along, we added two further members of staff, Roger P. Birchall and Steve Cook.