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We had about six weeks to put together that first issue of Fun Online. Our contributor list read like the computer mag version of The Usual Suspects. The prolific Sandra Vogel was churning out copy like a well-oiled machine. Garth Sumpter took care of most of the hardware stuff. Kate Russell, now a regular on [.tv], wrote reviews and behind-the-scenes reports. And Amaya Lopez, who later went on to edit the Spanish edition of Vogue kept an eye on the "Edutainment" software releases.
During this time I got a crash course in PCs and Windows 95. Up until this point I'd only used Apple Macintosh computers and even on Fun Online, all the editorial and design work was done - as you might expect - on Macs.
Windows was just so much Black Science to me. Biased though I was, I thought the interface was clumsy - a very poor copy of the Mac Operating System - and the Windows system itself flakey.