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Though The Boxer wasn't going to happen for Marvel US, I'd been talking to an old friend and colleague, Richard Burton, about doing some scripting work for his current comic, Battle Action Force. The old IPC comic Battle had been enhanced by adding the licensed characters from the toy range Action Force (in the US known as GI Joe). One particular character caught my eye, the ninja Storm Shadow. I figured I could make something out of this neglected character - and besides, ninjas were dead popular around 1986.
While there is some historical doubt that ninjas actually existed, at least in the organised way they have been portrayed in the media over the last twenty-odd years - I have to admit that the concept is endlessly fascinating.
Yet despite my interest and modest knowledge of the subject, the Storm Shadow story wasn't all plain sailing. Though I had the excellent Spanish artist Vanyo on the story, I'd tried to spice up the action with the American trick of a splash page.