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By late 1985, I wasn't writing Doctor Who strips any more. I started to think about submitting something to Marvel US. I'd met Larry Hama in a Marvel-sponsored trip to New York in 1981 and we'd gotten on well, sharing a love of martial arts. I thought an idea I'd been playing with might suit Larry. The story was about a Chinese fighter in Canton, who finds himself an outlaw and decided to join the Boxer Rebellion. Along the way, he is joined by a blind swordswoman, Mai-Lin, and the two of them have adventures during their long trek north to Peking.
By this time I'd been taking classes in the Southern Chinese kungfu style of Praying Mantis and I though that this should be The Boxer's style.
I wanted to do something altogether more realistic than Marvel's previous foray in to the world of Martial arts - Shang-Chi Master of Kung Fu, which was, from a technical point of view, laughable.