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From that point on I began to coordinate the Nerve Centre page, writing the "Thargnotes" (as we called Tharg's editorial messages) in an unbroken run for the next six years. The record still stands. Of course that wasn't all I did. Among my other duties were writing the tag lines for each episode in the comic, compiling the letters pages and subbing scripts on arrival, before lettering and final proofing.
In addition, I was required to trawl through the unsolicited submissions, reading scripts sent in by aspiring writers, searching for some spark of talent that might be fanned into a flame to give 2000AD its next hot scripter.
Sadly, the reality of it was that I read an awful lot of awful scripts. But the process wasn't a complete waste of time. This process did find us a few writers who developed into very competent contributors to the magazine.
It should also be borne in mind that just about every later script-writer on 2000AD started out as a writer of Future Shocks, including John Smith, Pete Milligan, Grant Morrison and, of course, er, me.