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Ten years later . . . the publisher that had commissioned How to Draw and Sell Comic Strips for Newspapers and Comic Books in 1986 approached me in 1997 to update and revise the text in the light of the way technology had changed the face of comics publishing. Coincidentally, I was working as an IT manager at a recruitment company at the time and had been working extensively with computers for several years already.
I consulted several old friends from my 2000AD days to better understand how working professionals were using PhotoShop to colour up comic strips and how Fontographer was used to create computer fonts out of comic-style hand-lettering. Key advisers on these subjects were John Higgins and Rian Hughes, who provided invaluable information. Writing the additional material took just a few weeks in the Autumn of 1997. I think the aim was to have the new edition in the shops for Christmas.