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How to Draw and Sell Comic Strips for Newspapers and Comic Books turned out the the biggest book job I did. The original plan was that I write the text, then submit a list of suggested comic pages to illustrate the points. In reality, there was a lot more to it than that.
I came up with the idea that we actually produce a two-page comic strip for the book. I turned to my old friend Steve Parkhouse and we produced a short using a character we'd created together for US Marvel, The Boxer.
We photographed each stage of the work - script, layout, pencils, inks lettering - to show budding comics creators how it was done.
The publishers Quarto were so pleased with Steve's work - as well they might be - that they retained him to provide more illustrations for the book and also used him (well, his hands, anyway) as a model in the how to photos that peppered the book.