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In 1986 I was asked by a London book packager called Multimedia Books to supply movie stills for a range of their film books. I think the first one I did picture reasearch for was Directors: The All-Time Greats by Neil Sinyard. A couple of others followed and then one day, I mentioned in passing to one of the editors there that I had written a biography of Harrison Ford. This led to a commission to do picture research and supply text for the book Hollywood Tricks of the Trade, a whistle stop tour through the special effects on films like Star Wars, Close Encounters and Blade Runner.
The book also included a section on Hollywood Stunts by veteran British stunt player Derek Ware, who'd been involved in movie and tv stunts for a couple of decades.
My sections covered Special Effects - everything from Stop-Motion and Computer Animation to Puppetry and Explosions - and Makeup - everything from classic 1930s work of Jack "Frankenstein" Pierce to the more recent efforts of Tom Savini and Rick Baker.