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BPM Track Title Artist Format
Givin Up My Soul Menage 12"
Follow the Beat Paul Johnson 12"
The Vibe Wally Lopez 12"
Last Day of Summer (Tom Middleton mix) Magnet 12"
Achaat M.A.N.D.Y. 12"
The Test Mantesse 12"
Soul Clinic Eddie Matos 12"
It Feels Good Tiffany McCoy 12"
Nixon Tells the Truth WallyLopez/Cesar del Rio 12"
No Ears Dubs vol 2 Rob Mello 12"
Weekend EP Wally Lopez & Dr Kucho 12"
Tell Me Mendo 12"
Koobla Cuts Metta & JT Love 12"
Bodyswerve M-Gee ft Mica Paris 12"
We Are Skint Sampler EP Midfield General/Artificial Funk 12"
Dubplate Sessions 1 Miguel Migs 12"
How Low Can You Go Mindpower 12"
Forever More Moloko 12"
No Ears Dubs vol 1 Rob Mello 12"
Canít Get You out of my Head Kylie vs RadioSlave 12"

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