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Dance Dungeon vol 3

Dance Dungeon vol 3, Nov 2003
This was another mix originally intended for cassette. And still playing catchup. This features a bunch of tunes from as far back as 2000, but I took out stuff that I didn't think held up as well before compiling the final mix. The "Disco Babes from Outer Space" tune is kind of fun, much later than the other tunes on this mix and was added to fill the CD out to 80 minutes.
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Basement Beats vol 1

Basement Beats vol 1, Dec 2003
So, I trawled back through the mixes I was supposed to have done four or five years ago and came up with this one. Like all my pre-ProTools mixes, this was also intended for cassette. Included here is the original mix of Spiller's "Groovejet" from the "Mighty Miami EP" and the classic, "Runaway (Mongoloids in Space mix)" by Nu Yorican Soul.
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