With the Marvel line of comics suffering badly in the post-boom years of the mid-1990s, Marvel management took the unprecedented step of inviting the core Image creators to revamp the core Marvel titles for a new millennium. Though the results were variable, the comics certainly garnered fan and media attention. Probably the most successful were Jim Lee's revisions of Fantastic Four and iron Man. Rob Liefield continued to wrestle with the intricacies of the human figure and thus his revisions of Captain America and The Avengers sported some unique interpretations of what a superhero should look like.
Fantastic Four 1 (1996)

These reinventions of the mainstream Marvel characters were entertaining enough comics but there was a nagging feeling that the Image creators were simply going through the motions.
  Iron Man 1 (1996)

These reinterpretations lacked conviction and creativity and though they may have been a commercial success at the time, time has shown that creative success eluded these talented artists.
  Captain America 1 (1996)

The "Heroes Reborn" project lasted only a year and planted the seeds for a much more successful reinterpretation of the Marvel core heroes ... The Ultimates.
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