One of the most successful of the Image Comics was Todd McFarlane's Spawn. While some of the writing was suspect, there's no denying the power of the artwork. And McFarlane's committment to putting out a regular book helped a lot. Jim Lee's contribution to the initial Image lineup included Deathblow. We've shown the cover for issue 2 here as the cover for issue one was essentially plain black with a foil stamped logo - not such an interesting visual. Rob Liefield contributed his writing and drawing skills to produce Youngblood for the Image collective. And what the books lacked in maturity, they made up for in enthusiasm.
Spawn 1 (1992)

Later during the run of Spawn, McFarlane was smart enough to seek input from guest writers of the calibre of Grant Morrison.
  Deathblow 2 (1992)

Jim Lee remained one of the core Image creators until he was, with the others, lured back to Marvel later in the 1990s.
  Youngblood 1 (1992)

Though the core Image books suffered from poor timekeeping, the company exists to this day, offering a haven for creative talent who'd otherwise have only Marvel or DC as an outlet.
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