Inexplicably, Rob Liefield's contorted figure drawing aided the expansion of the X-Men franchise and gave Liefield the clout to join the dissenting Marvel creators when they left to set up Image Comics. The close of the 1980s saw another wave of independent publishers and creators throw their hats into the ring. Joseph Michael Lisner began publishing his own comics featuring his creation Dawn. And hot on the heels of Dawn came the first appearance of Shi, a ruthless, Japanese born assassin whose avowed mission it was to revenge herself on the Yakuza killers of her family across a 12-issue mini-series.
X-Factor 40 (1989)

Though Liefield's earlier artwork seems almost conventional, his later work became almost grotesque in the exaggeration of musculature that had never been seen in any life drawing class.
  Dawn 1 (1989)

The success of the Dawn comics owes no small debt to the fine drawing skills of creator Joe Lisner.
  Shi 1 (1994)

The Shi series built its success on the kind of in-your-face violence that would have not been possible at either DC or Marvel.
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