One the 1930s were over, the comic book was well and truly established as a publishing force. Pioneers DC Comics found themselves in an overcrowded field. By far the biggest threat was Fawcett Comics. Fawcett published Superman's biggest rival, Captain Marvel. Armed with the same powers as Superman, Marvel was a young boy who transformed to Marvel by uttering the magic word, "Shazam!" Captain Marvel was soon outselling Superman by some margin and the only way DC were able to stop it was legally. They brought a lawsuit and finally put Captain Marvel out of business in the early 1950s.
Whiz Comics 2 (1940)

Superman's biggest rival, Captain Marvel, appeared in issue 2 of Whiz Comics - there never was an issue 1 - as with Action Comics 1, the hero here is wrecking a car with his bear hands ...

  All-Star Comics 3 (1940)

The first comic in which superheroes met and worked together, All Star 3 (Winter 1940), called "A breakthrough concept, second only in importance to the introduction of the superhero", by Bob Overstreet, author of the Comic Book Price Guide.
  Captain America 1 (1941)

This comic is historically important not just because it marked the debut of a major comic book character, but also because Captain America is shown fighting Hitler, months before the US entered the Second World War.
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