Some Marvel cover images were so powerful that they stay in the memory long after you've forgotten what the story was about. No one did physical force better than Marvel and that was true of all the artists, not just Kirby. Occasionally, Marvel would outdo DC in coming up with covers that managed to capture what the whole story inside the comic was about rather than an isolated incident, though this was a less common sight. What Marvel did best was the depiction of raw power. All their characters - Thor, Iron Man, Silver Surfer - had power or speed or both and Marvel were the best in the business and getting that energy down on paper.
Amazing Spider-Man 29 (1965)

Artist Steve Ditko puts us right in the water alongside Spider-Man so we share his feeling of struggling in a hostile environment against a stronger foe.
  Amazing Spider-Man 39 (1966)

Here, incoming Spider-Man artist John Romita, shows us a helpless and subdued hero and gloating villain, all so deceptively simple, but don't underestimate Romita's draftsmanship.
  Silver Surfer 4 (1969)

Probably one of the top ten Marvel covers of all time. John Buscema gives us speed versus power. It doesn't matter who the guy in the red cloak is, the image is compelling anyway.
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