Outside Weisinger's sphere of influence, Julius Schwartz used the same "cover first, story later" approach to far better effect. Covers on his titles showed his characters in situations that negated their powers neatly. The early Atom covers were especially creative, with scenes of the miniature hero being eaten by Venus Flytraps and swirling down sink plugholes. The hand grenade cover is one of my all-time favourites. The Flash too enjoyed some inventive covers, usually centring on how the viilains found ingenious ways to nullify the speedy hero's abilities. Some were more successful than others, but the consistency was impressive.
Atom 10 (1963)

Absolute corker of a cover. Immediately conveys to new readers what the Atom's powers are and also that he in danger right at the minute.
  Atom 17 (1964)

Essentially a variation on the grenade cover, just as inventive and also beautifully crafted by Gil Kane, one of the greatest of all comic artists.
  Flash 115 (1960)

Okay, this one wouldn't pass muster today on account of its political incorrectness. And Flash isn't so much in danger as made a figure of fun, so not recommending you go down this route.
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